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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I know, I know Thanksgiving in April...

Quick recap of Thanksgiving for my records, and memory, which isn't so good lately.  We had Thanksgiving at my house this year and it was a LOT of fun because all I had to do was set the table and my mom did all the cooking!  Thanks mom!  She always so good to feed us even when she's the one visiting.  Its awesome!  Anyway, it was really laid back and we spent the night counting contractions as we were hoping that Abby would go into labor that night, but it was just that silly false labor playing tricks on us.  Then the next morning we all went to the mall to see none the less... SANTA!  Grant was so excited and we had been working on our list for quiet some time.  He was so careful to keep it safe from Madelyn and to add to it every time we saw a new commercial (thanks Nickelodeon).  He really got the whole Christmas thing this year and it was a ton of fun to see it all through his eyes!  He loved seeing Santa and actually ran up to sit on his lap.  No fear, at all!  What a champ!  Madelyn was a different story, which was surprising, because she's not really afraid of strangers, but it must have been an off day.  We actually saw another Santa like a week or two later and she was all over him and I couldn't keep her away from him.  Kids are funny that way!  They keep surprising us!  Anyway, here are some pics of the weekend... and don't judge because I look a little tired in these pictures.
 The table was all set!

 In the playroom!  I was feeling very festive that day.
 Either watching football or the parade... I can't remember!
 Dinner was served, eaten, and then we just sat around and enjoyed the company!
 Meeting the big man!
 He was telling Santa in detail about his list and made sure to include everything!
 I can't believe he's this big!
And then there was little Madelyn!  She didn't like it too much...obviously.