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Sunday, June 22, 2008

computer dying...

My computer is dying as we speak. Our power cord (this is already the second battery we've bought) has completely been riped apart and breaking. So I have just ordered my new cord so it should be here within the week. So you will see me then! Meantime, I will miss catching up on what's going on with your guys lives! See ya in a week!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's finally summer in Idaho!

This last week was the first week for us that actually felt like summer. I decided to take advantage of it and go to the Ammon Pool in Idaho Falls. Thats right, I had to go to Idaho Falls to go swimming because there is not ONE outdoor pool in Rexburg! And there is only ONE in Idaho Falls. I couldn't believe it because where I'm from there are LOTS of public pools EVERYWHERE. And this pool is tiny and there where LOTS of people there. I was really excited though because Grant LOVES the bath tub so I thought this would be a big hit with him. Once we got there however it was a different story. I've never seen him act this way before. He was seriously deathly afraid of the water. Anytime any kids would splash, he would scream even more. However, I took him out and we ate some grapes on the side and just watched the other kids for a while and then I decided to get back in and he stayed with his nana on the side. Well he decided that he wanted to try it out. So he got back in and decided it wasn't so bad. He was still a little unsure, but he liked it much better. We even got a picture of him smiling. We went with my mother-in-law and my two sister-in-laws and Grant's cousin Tyler who is six months older than him. Tyler LOVED the pool! I will give Grant that this is his first time swimming and Tyler has gone many times before. So maybe the more we go, the more Grant will like it. Sometimes kids have a way of surprising you even when you think you have them all figured out!
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