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Friday, August 31, 2007

Totally Obsessed...

I have found (let me rephrase, my sister found from her friend Jessica) a new blog that I'm totally obsessed with called design mom. It is amazing. It's like Martha Stewart, potterybarn, and baby center all rolled into one. If you haven't already discovered it you will have to take a look here. She puts tips, findings, and products that she has found that have to deal with kids, decorating, and life. There are also links on her page to other amazing blogs and other amazing websites. You could spend literally hours just looking at hers and others alike (and I have!). One thing I like is that you can email her questions about whatever and she will answer them on her blog. She posts everyday so there is always something new to look at. Let me know what you guys think.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

What a week...

Well this week has been interesting for us. Last week I got the pleasure of catching a cold! I was sick in bed luckily on Saturday so that Geoffery could watch Grant! I felt better after that, but still am dealing with a terrible headache, stuffy nose, and sore throat. Geoffery than caught the same cold on Tuesday. We've both been knocked up on dayquil and NyQuil to get us through the day and night. If that wasn't bad enough, Geoffery kept complaining about his teeth hurting him. I thought maybe he had sinus pressure which means he had a sinus infection or he was just being a "baby" (you know how men are when their sick:). But he decided instead that he needed to see a dentist, which I thought was crazy. However, he went to the dentist and the dentist said that he needed a root canal right away and did it that very day because Geoffery was in so much pain. The dentist said the tooth was almost dead! And by the way, we don't have any dental insurance so this is going to cost us a pretty penny! What a way to spend money, but I guess that's why you have emergency funds! This is also Geoffery's second root canal, so I think it will be a good investment for us to get dental insurance after this experience. The dentist also suggested that he needed to fill a couple of cavities and take his wisdom teeth out! Fun for us$$$ On a better note, Grant NEVER got sick which in my mind is a miracle! It would be just terrible to be sick, have your husband sick, and your baby! So I'm counting my blessings.

Also last week Geoffery's friend Bryan came to visit us all the way from Indiana. They went to Yellowstone and went fishing and I think they had a lot of fun. He took some pictures while he was out here so I thought I would put them below. Hope you guys enjoy!

The whole fam and Bryan
Some fun pics of Grant
Gummy smiles are the best!
Geoffery fishing (check out this pose!) Geoffery, Will, and Bryan (Check out Geoffery's socks! Hot!)

Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been tagged...

I've been tagged by Shantay
4 jobs I've had:
1. Rexburg Opinion Center
2. Receptionist at a financial planning company
3. Marketing Analyst for Melaleuca
4. Mom
4 movies I can watch over and over again:
1. Steel Magnolia
2. The Notebook
3. So I Married an Axe Murderer
4. Lord of the Ring
4 Favorite TV shows:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Darma and Greg
3. 24
4. Grey's Anatomy
4 favorite hobbies:
1. playing on the computer
2. Reading
3. taking pictures
4. talking on the phone to my sisters
Places I have lived:
1. Atlanta, GA
2. Logan, UT
3. Rexburg, ID
4. Idaho Falls, ID
4 Favorite Foods:
1. Macaroni and cheese
2. Steak and potato
3. Ice Cream!
4 Places I would rather be right now:
1. Hawaii
2. Florida
3. Shopping with a bag of money in my hand
4. Anywhere warm with an ocean in site
4 Websites I check daily:
1. E-mail- yahoo
2. Blogs
3. ebay
4. myspace
I tag:
1. Abby
2. Rachel
3. Rebecca
4. Jessica

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sorry its been so long...

Well we have been busy, busy, busy! Geoffery's grandparents came into town from Indiana and we spent A LOT of time up there at his parents house with them! We had a lot of fun and Grant was amazed at what his 6 mth older cousin, Tyler, could do. I think all Grant wants to do is crawl and move around as much as Tyler did. He would watch him in awe and amazement like it was the greatest thing ever.

Also we started Grant on "solids" or in other words rice cereal. We have been practicing eating rice cereal everyday and I think he is starting to get the hang of it. And good news to no one except for me- WE NO LONGER SWADDLE GRANT WHEN HE GOES TO SLEEP! This is a great accomplishment as it was like fighting with a bear to swaddle the kid and the blanket was usually tossed to the opposite side of the crib when we would get him in the morning. But I believed it would make him sleep longer, but we experimented and found it did not! Yeah!

Also our little baby boy is now "teething" which means I get to deal with a not so happy baby who will now wake up again in the middle of the night:( We were putting him down from about 7:30 pm and he didn't wake up until 7:30am the next morning. It was WONDERFUL! However that little honeymoon is over and we'll have to learn how to deal with this new stage called "teething." I'm sure we'll get through it just fine.

So below are some pictures we've taken over the last month or so. Hope you enjoy!

Four generations of Zellers men
Grant and his Great-grandparents
Geoffery, Grant, and I out to eat for my b-day
Grant and his daddy
Grant's first time with rice cereal
Grant relaxing
Grant playing with daddy's hair
Grant and his cousin Tyler playing
I know he's already reading books and he's not even 1 yr old
Me and Grant