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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halloween costumes...

I need every ones help because I cannot make up my mind! I am trying to decide what Halloween costume I should buy for Grant, and Geoffery just says "I don't care which one you pick." Men, they never have an opinion when you want them to and then when you don't want them to have an opinion they open their mouth! Anyway, please let me know which ones you guys like best so that I can make up my mind and order these before their sold out. Thanks guys! (even if you don't have a blogger account, you can still leave a comment) Scarecrow for $24
Horse for $24
Lion for $46
Dog for $46

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sun Valley Trip

This weekend Geoffery's company held a Sales Convention in Sun Valley. For the guys that qualified to go on the trip, their wives were invited to come and enjoy the free hotel room, free dinners, ice show, pedicures, and relax. Well that sounded great, in theory. However I don't think relaxing, fancy dinners, and shopping downtown with a baby go together. So we decided to make a difficult decision and leave little Grant with the grandparents for two nights. It was really hard, but I knew he would be miserable up there and no one else were taking their kids. He did awesome while we were gone. Sleep through the night, didn't cry or whine, and ate rice cereal for the grandparents like a champ. So all was well.

We also had a really good time as well. The room was really nice and so were the dinners. We were able to go to this ice show that cost $89.00 a ticket (something we wouldn't have done on our own dime)! The ice show had people who had performed at the Olympics and it was really entertaining. I also went shopping with some of the wives downtown. And don't worry because I didn't buy a darn thing. I found a pair of pajama's that I really liked for um.. let's see $325!!! Oh and a serving platter for only $2,000! Oh that's only penny change really! For those of you who don't know Demi Moore lives there and it is built purely for the millionaires of the world. So I told Geoffery we can't go back until we make our first million. We should be back sometime next year if that's the case:) Yeah right!

Well here are some pics of our trip. I went golfing with Geoffery (I didn't play, just drove the golf cart around). Hope you enjoy.

Our summer home!

The ice show- sorry they won't stop so I could take a pic!

Okay, I can't resist to put a pic of Grant. This is him and his friend, Zaylie, at the zoo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend...

We went to the Idaho State Fair this weekend with the Zellers clan, Geoffery's family. We had a LOT of fun. We went to the horse races where we got to see the Indian races. In the Indian races they ride bareback and they go around the track on one horse then they jump off that horse while it's still running and jump on another horse and go around the track again and there are like 6 or so racing. It's pretty cool. We also got some really good food while we were there. Geoffery got this king size chicken leg that looked disgusting and I got this huge scone with honey butter- YUM! It was HOT but Grant did awesome and was a really good sport. He even took some naps while we were there which is BIG for him. I took some pictures so I thought I would share them with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

Geoffery, me, and Grant and the cute horses

Greg, Carolyn, and Crystal

Geoffery and Grant with twin hats at the fair

Grant hanging out in his car seat! He was a GOOD boy!
Me and Grant