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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Grant's Santa visit...

So last night, Abby and I decided to take the kids to go see Santa at the mall. I got Grant's haircut before (this is his 3rd haircut and he's only 9 mths:) and we met Abby and Scott there. Earlier that day it had snowed at least 3 to 5 inches so it was extremely icy and cold outside. But we had decided to do this so we were both determined that no matter what, we were going to the mall to see Santa. If you're not determined, you won't go anywhere with kids:) It turned out pretty good, for us. Grant sat on Santa's lap without crying, but he was determined NOT to smile. If you know him, he is just naturally happy and smiles ALL the time, but I guess not tonight. Grace, on the other hand, was not going to sit on Santa's lap and decided that she didn't like old men, lol. She was super proud of herself later, however, that she waved at him from afar. She cracks me up. Anyway here are some pictures of our attempts. Grant with his new haircut
Santa and Grant, no smile

Our family
Grant and Grace playing afterwards

Sunday, December 9, 2007

More random pics from GA trip...

Friday, December 7, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

Below are some items I have been eyeballing for Christmas. So if anyone (geoffery) would like to buy them for me, it would be much appreciated because I think I've been a good girl this year:) Old Navy Coat (small)
Merona Scarf at Target in Creme
Old Navy Women's Mid-Rise Wide-Leg - "The Flirt" Trouser Jeans $20.00 (size 2 Regular length- they run big)
GB "Kan-Kan" Boots from Dillards size 7
(This is a MAJOR wish:)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is for you dad...

Below is a picture of the whole family at Jekyll Island. My dad was saying that there wasn't one picture of him on my blog so I wanted to let him know that he is loved! I love you dad!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Pictures

We had some family pictures done back in August by a family friend of the Zellers and we just got the proofs back. Hope you enjoy!

Me and Grant
The whole Zellers clan
Our little family

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

Our Kitchen
Grant's Room
Our Room
Grant's BIG smile

Our Christmas Tree
Dad and Grant hanging out
He's standing up all on his own
Our living room
Living Room

Well I have nothing to blog about really. Nothing too exciting in the Zellers home. We are selling our house right now, so I thought I would post some pics of the house before we move. I set up our Christmas tree on Saturday. I didn't take ONE picture of Thanksgiving, so I don't have anything to show for that. I'm really upset about it. I even considered taking a picture of us eating after Thanksgiving just so I would have a picture of something. Oh well. We went up to Geoffery's parents house in Rexburg, so we had to travel 30 minutes. This is the first year that we haven't had to fly out to Indiana for either Thanksgiving and Christmas and its so nice to have them close now in Rexburg. We also just purchased a piece of land approx. .33 acres, so pretty small, in Rexburg. It is exactly 12 houses down on the same exact street as Geoffery's parents. We are excited to live close to them and then once we move Geoffery will only have to drive 2 minutes to work instead of 30 minutes. It will be nice to have him so close during the day. I also just discovered, thanks to Geoffery's fam, my favorite movie... White Christmas. We watched it over the break, and I am in love. It was so cute and it was even more fun because Geoffery and his family knew every word and song in the movie. If you haven't seen it, you should run and get it now. I definitely will buy this movie and add it to our collection. Well here are some pics of our house and Grant playing. He is now pulling himself up to a standing position, so I posted some pictures of his attempts. Hope you enjoy! (I don't know how to get the words above the pics without it being underlined, SORRY)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trip to GA...

Me and Grant on the beach in Jekyll
Grant trying out the sand
He's not so sure
This isn't so bad after all
Me and Grant on the airplane
Geoffery and I on Halloween on the beach
Grant getting his bottle on the beach
Hanging out under his tent, while I lied out! Playing like a good boy!
Me being a dork
Behind us is my uncle's boat that we rode on

Bad lighting, but look at Grant's smile! So cute!
Me and Grant on Halloween. He was a lion.
Don't look at Grant's face, but look at the sunset that night!
Mr. Smiley
My sisters and their kids on Halloween

We just returned from a long trip to the great state of Georgia. We went for two reasons 1) To go to the beach 2) See family and friends and have Geoffery see where I grew up. There was also a wedding, so it was enough reason for us to make the trip. We were gone for 10 days and it went by way to fast. We flew into Atlanta on Saturday, hung out with the fam Sunday, then drove to Hilton Head, SC (the beach) Sunday night (4 hr drive). My family went with us, my 2 sisters and their husbands and kids, and my parents. So we had a huge crew. We spent 4 days in Hilton Head. It was very pleasant and warm (not hot), but we were able to lay on the beach in our bathing suits and get some sun at least one day out of our stay. I even got in a heated pool, so I was happy because all I wanted was to swim in a pool (I was only in for about 10 min. before Grant pooped, but I got in the pool non the less). Anyways, after Hilton Head we drove to Jekyll Island (3 hr drive) for the wedding. There we stay in a VERY old hotel on the island. There aren't any new buildings on the island and EVERYTHING is outrageously priced, but still not very nice. So I sprayed the entire hotel room with Lysol before I would let Grant out of my arms. It was across the street from the ocean, so it wasn't too bad. The wedding was very laveous and beautiful. We didn't have too much downtime as all my extended family was there and we were always doing something with them. Finally on Sunday after the wedding we decided to take a stroll on the beach before we headed back for Atlanta. That was probably my favorite day because we didn't have anything we had to do and we could take our time with enjoying the beach. Then we headed for Atlanta (5 hr drive) and stayed the night with my grandparents. It was so good to have Geoffery finally see where I grew up. I grew up on a 350 acre farm with my grandparents next door and I've always wanted to show him what it looked like in person. I can only describe so much. It was a great vacation, but let me tell you I was sooooooooo excited to be home! There's nothing better than coming home after being gone for so long. So here are some pictures from the trip. I have others that Abby (my sis) took for me, and I will post those later. Enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

When it rains it pours...

Well this week has been one for the record books. Monday started out just like everyday. Grant woke up, he played on the floor with his toys, took his nap, etc. After his nap, he seemed a little irritable, so I decided to go out to make the time go by quicker. I went to Target and Shoe Carnival and then we came home. We met Geoffery at home and I was starting on dinner. Geoffery was playing with Grant when all the sudden he projectile vomited. Wow! Never seen this before, what could have brought this on? Called the doctor, called everyone I knew and they all said, sometimes that just happens. Okay, got everything under control. Well, 10 minutes later he did it again. Well this is not normal, call the doctor make an appointment. At this point I'm crying and trying not to loose my cool. 10 minutes later, he does it again. This time we hop in the car and drive to the doctor's office. On the way there, Grant does it again. Well I'm freaking out and Geoffery is driving like a manic. So we get pulled over by a cop. Great! Can things go more our way!? So once we explain to the cop what's going on, he lets us go our way (very rudely, but lets us go). We get to the doctors office and he throws up again. Just to let you get a picture of it, my face is BEAT red from crying, Geoffery is in a t-shirt and dress pants and flip-flops, and Grant is in a oneie and pajama pants (and if any of you know me, I don't let my kid go out in a oneie or pajama pants especially covered in throw up). So we get in with the doctor and she wants us to go to the hospital to make sure there isn't obstruction in his intestines and if there is that could mean possible surgery. So pretty much at this point I'm FREAKING out and losing all control and crying at a drop of a hat. He contines to throw up about every 10-15 minutes while we're at the hospital. They make him drink this chalky bottle (and let me tell you that I would drink a sip of any of it) to see if anything is stuck in his intestines and they take X-rays of his stomach. He doesn't like any of it, crying and not wanting to drink the bottle (obviously). I finally get him to drink about 2 Oz's and that is enough for the test. So we're done, now the results. We'll the hospital will not tell us so we have to go back to the pediatrician (and it's about 7:55pm and they close at 8pm). So we run back to the pediatrician's office so we can get the results before they close. Again he continues throwing up every 15 min. We get there and the results came out negative. Relief! But what is wrong with him? The doctor says that the probably has a viral infection and try to keep him hydrated the next couple of days. Great! I can deal with a viral infection, but not surgery.

So the next day he did fine, no throwing up just diarrhea. He wouldn't eat much and wouldn't touch the pedialyte, but we got by. Wednesday rolls around and he is doing great. Sleeping ALL the time, but not eating much. Wednesday night comes and he throws up again. Okay, we know he's sick. It's time for bed, so I lay him down and then we heard him throw up again. We run in to get him and this is BROWN throw up. Okay I'm trying not to loose control again, but I called the pediatrician (their closed) and get the nurse on call. She said that we need to go to the emergency room because someone needs to look at him. So we head over to the emergency room at about 9pm. We get there and he's acting fine and the doctor comes back to say that sometimes he can throw up brown because of the violent vomiting and sometimes break a blood vessel and it's okay. They decided to test his stool and do some blood work to make sure it's a virus and then we also decided to put him on an IV to get him hydrated since he hasn't been eating much and he hadn't had many wet diapers. The doctor didn't think he needed the IV, but decided to be on the safe side. Well when we were putting in the IV (it took 2 nurses, me, and Geoffery) Grant of course was screaming because we were holding him down, Geoffery starts vomiting like crazy. So picture this a baby screaming, nurses trying to the the IV in, me holding Grant, and Geoffery vomiting! I felt like I was on Grey's Anatomy! It was crazy. However, I felt better now knowing that Grant had a virus because now Geoffery's sick. Long story short, the blood work showed that he had a viral infection and that he was dehydrated and did need an IV. Since we were already in the ER, the doctor wrote Geoffery a prescription to help the vomiting and we were on our way home. We picked up the prescription that night at 12:30am (thanks Walgreen's). I put Grant to sleep, Geoffery continued vomiting, and I washed two bottles. Then I decided to lay down and get some rest. I laid down for about 10 minutes, then got up and started vomiting myself until about 4am that morning! Me and Geoffery took turns helping each other. Let me tell you, I have had natural childbirth and for those 4 hours that I was vomiting I have to say I was about in the same amount of uncomfortableness. I wouldn't wish it on my best enemy! So we have continued to be sick (no throwing up), but achy, chills, fever we got it all. But we're starting to feel much better. In the last two days I have drunk about a gallon of Gatorade and a piece of bread, but I do feel better. So that's our week in a nutshell. I hope all of you have had a much better week then we have.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grant's first haircut

Well today my baby became a boy! We went to Rexburg to get Grant's first haircut! It was getting EXTREMELY long and I kept pushing it off because he is only 7 mths old. Babies aren't supposed to get haircuts, right? Well he needed one because it was getting to the point where I couldn't spike his hair anymore and well that just can't happen. I have to spike his hair! It's too cute! Anyway, I put him in his bumbo chair on the hairdressers chair and he moved around a lot, but he did really well. No crying or fussing. He just looked around a lot wondering what on earth was going on. She used scissors because she was afraid clippers would scare him and they probably would (he won't even let me turn the vacuum on because it scares him so much). The haircut looks wonderful and we can continue using gel everyday! Yeah! Here are some pictures below of the before, during, and after...
Before shot of his hair

What a good boy!

Isn't he a cutie!

He looks like a little man in this picture!

After! What a good job!