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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Before I post a million pictures from this weekend, I'll give ya a quick overcap. We went to Logan to my parents house for Easter. It's been like 4 months since we've seen them (well since Christmas) because they've been in Georgia, but they're finally back! It was so good to see them and just hang out. Grant became very obsessed with his Juju and Papa. The weekend consisted of cooking, a little shopping, and a LOT of catching up- TAlkING! We really had a good time. We also had a fun little easter egg hunt, which to my surprise Grant caught on pretty quickly and really got into it. The Easter Bunny also came to visit Grant after church. We didn't want to wake up too early with 9am church. Overall I couldn't of asked for a better easter, so thanks mom and dad for hosting it all for us!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monica's Bridals...

So I've finally finished editing Monica's Bridals that I took like seriously 5 months ago. I'm happy with the way they turned out. I learned some new tricks on photoshop that really helped them turn out better than the way I was editing before. Photoshop can be tricky because there's about a million ways to do one thing that will give the same effect, but some work better than others. Anyway hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Stuff...

I have been spending sooo much time online looking for baby stuff. I thought I would post some of the stuff I have found. Some of them are SUPER cute and I just had to share with everyone.

1. So I'll start off with my favorite bassinet I found at Wal-mart. Here it is:

Now the reason I LOVE it is because it can change into a changing table (I can use it when she's done sleeping in our room), it has wheels so I can roll it into multiple rooms, all the storage for diapers and etc., and the basket comes off so I can take it downstairs easily with me during the day. I LOVE the multi-funcitionality of this bassinet. I can't wait to order it! YEAH! You can find it here. Plus free shipping with Wal-mart if you order site-to-store. Gotta love wal-mart!

2. Second favorite thing is a DURABLE diaper bag. I'm soooo hard on my bags and with Grant no bag would last longer than 3 months without looking completely worn out and ready to throw away. SO I'm looking for the perfect bag that can put up with my beatings. Gap has a line of diaperbags and they are seriously sooo cute. I love them! You can find it here.

3. I, of course, have been obsessed with shopping for girl baby clothes. When I had Grant, I could never resist going over to check out the girls section as well. I'm pretty sure that's why Geoffery wanted a boy. He knew he would have a problem on his hands if we had a girl. Well he was right. But I have found some pretty cute stuff and I cannot wait to dress her. So far my fav have been these shoes I found from someone elses blog. These are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen!

They have lots of different designs. Check them out here.

4. Also who can forget bedding. I love to look at crib bedding. Even after I bought Grants I look at bedding weekly online. So for little Madelyn, I have been eyeballing the below bedding from Restoration Hardware (yes they have a baby/kids store too and its just as fabulous). I have a tan rocking chair and I think this bedding would make the rocking chair fit better with the room than any other bedding. I also just love the clean lines and simplicity of it.

5. Last but not least is a double stroller. Now I may need your help with this one if anyone has experience with it, but so far I'm leaning towards the Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller. It's a double stroller that converts into a sit-n-stand. Perfect for us because Grants not quite old enough to do the sit-n-stand part, but probably in a year he will be to that point. I hear they're hard to push, but its a great value and it would be able to grow with us through our different stages. Again comments on this because I don't have any experience with this product. You can see it here.

So please leave your comments with your favorite baby products and let me know of anything out there that you love. Also if any of you have this stuff let me know what you think of it before I go out and buy it!