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Friday, June 5, 2009


We are alive! I promise! I have just been busy and well, tired:) Whenever I get a free moment by myself I much rather take a nap then blog. But I promise to do better. We are doing well. Grant is getting so verbal and independent. It's so fun to see him grow up and mature EVERYDAY! He's always surprising me with new things he knows. He catches on to everything me and Geoffery do, even when you don't think they're listening:)

So I'm 35 weeks pregnant TODAY! Yeah! It's going by fast, and well also creeping each day. It's hard to explain. But the baby is doing well. They have me come in every week because she's so small. We do a stress test everytime I go and an ultrasound. I just went yesterday and they found that the amniotic fluid is a little low. So I have to drink 12, 12ozs. of water a DAY! I'm going to the bathroom like literally every 10 minutes! It's crazy. I'm so sick of water I could puke. But if this works we can hopefully keep her in there until I'm full term. Otherwise they will induce me on MONDAY! YIKES! So I ran home and washed all her clothes (not that they will fit for a while) and cleaned her swing, bouncer, and carseat. It's nice not having to buy all that stuff with your second. So we will see what happens. The ultrasound estimated that she only weighs about 4lbs 10 ozs. so she will be SMALL, but hopefully healthy! She seems to be doing great looking at the ultrasound and the stress test so they're not to worried about her. So I'm just staying home this weekend and taking it easy with my old hospital cup near by to drink...ALL DAY! It's a full time job just drinking and going to the bathroom! I also ran to the store to buy some premmie outfits. They're just so stinking small! I really hope that once she's born she'll put on the weight. Grant was 8lbs so having a small baby will be new.

Anyways, that is whats going on in our life. We're pretty boring. I have some posts that I would like to post, but well I just don't have the engery to download my pictures:) We went to St. George for a week (lots of pictures) and that was a ton of fun to get out and away for a while with just the three of us. We figured it would be our last outing out together before the baby comes. It's finally warm here, but without any grass in our yard, outside hasn't been the best. Hopefully one day we will have a yard for Grant to play in:) We're currently working on that.

Well that's our life right now in a nutshell. Pray for us that drinking all this water will help so that little Madelyn will continue to grow!