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Sunday, July 24, 2011

27 years old

So I've finally made it into my "late twenties."  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I do know that I had a really good birthday!  I woke up to the young women in my ward ringing my doorbell at about 8:30, I still had my pj's on, Geoffery ran to go get something at the store so he wasn't home, and both kids still in their pj's as well.  They told me I had to go with them and didn't have a choice, so I got both kids and we followed them down the street to find everyone else cooking breakfast for me and another leaders birthday.  It was a big surprise to say the least, and made me feel very special on a day that I didn't think was going to be all that special.  We had eggs, waffles, and the most delicious cupcakes ever!  After that I headed home and got ready and we went to the new pool here in Rexburg.  We spent 4 hours there and had a blast and got lots of sun!  I'm paying for it now.  After that we came home, put kids to bed, and took a shower to head over to our ward pioneer party.  It was catered by professional BBQ people and we had some yummy ribs, potatoes, and baked beans!  It was so nice to not have to cook or worry about dinner and just hang out with our good old ward family.  After that Geoffery bought me a cake and they sang happy birthday to me at home and we enjoyed out on our front porch.  And then Geoffery gave me the real present of not having to help with bathtime or bedtime.  IT.WAS.FABULOUS!  Thats my least favorite part of the day:)  Anyway, here are some pictures of us throughout the day.
 On our way to the ward party.  Grant got sun too!  I lathered him up so good too!
 Geoffery always makes me feel so special on my birthday!

Swimming lessons!

Since Grant was born I've always wanted to do swimming lessons, and this year we were finally able to do it!  I was really afraid how he would act, because he's pretty scared of the water and he's pretty funny about leaving me and going with a complete stranger into the scary water.  I had two strikes against me, but I signed him up anyways.  Well I think, as a mom, when you think your kid can't handle it, they usually end up doing just fine.  And thank goodness that's how this was.  I expected the worse, and he did AWESOME!  I had a big talk with him about it before we went and when we got there he just went straight with his teacher and didn't look back.  Then he did anything that he teacher asked him to do...everything!  If you know Grant at all he can be a little on edge about trying new things so I was so proud of him to say the least.  Swimming lessons were two weeks, 30 min. each day and he looked forward to them each day.  I'll definitely be signing him and Madelyn up next year.  I took some pictures on the last day, of course, because I realized I hadn't taken any the entire two weeks!  AH, sometimes I have to make myself remember to take pictures of my kids!  But these were with my phone, so their not the best quality, but better some than none!

 Him and Maddie before we left
 We signed up with my sister and her two girls so it was fun to see them everyday!
 He was super nervous on the noodle, but at least he tried!

Him and his teacher.  Later that night he told us that his teacher told him that he kicked butt compared to the other kids.  I about died when it came out of his mouth!  Its so funny the things you say to kids before you actually have kids!  Oh well!

The Drive In... CARS 2

We've been talking about Cars 2 ever since we saw the preview on the Tangled DVD.  Grant has not stopped talking about it and we promised him once it came out, that we would go and see it!  Well me and Geoffery being the cheap type, tried really hard to wait until it came to the dollar theater.  We almost gave in several times, and then we saw that it was at the Drive in and kids go for free!  Bingo there was our solution!  So we packed the kids up after their bed time and took them in the pj's fresh out of the tub.  We had a blast and the kids LOOOVED being outside while we watched the movie.  The only problem is Grant doesn't like to go to the real theater now that's he's been to a drive in.  Here are some pictures from that night:
 Of course we had to wear our cars pj's to go see Cars 2!  Very appropriate!
 LOOOTS of popcorn was consumed, along with some candy!
 Buzz was our special guest that night.  I dare say he had a better seat then me!

During the movie, I think Madelyn had a little too much sugar and popcorn.  She didn't stop moving the whole night!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July 2011

We went to the 4th of July parade in Rexburg and we've gone every year since I can remember.  Its always the best and its my favorite thing that Rexburg does.  Madelyn loved the parade this year, especially the cheerleaders and dancers!  Grant goes crazy for the tractors, horses, cars, and fireworks.  You'll see his face expressions below, its hilarious.  Then we went back to my house to eat ribs, coleslaw, and baked beans.  We were well feed this weekend!  Here are some pictures of our festivities:

 She waved that flag the whole time!

 Our failed attempt at a family picture:)
 My family!

 I love these women... We miss you ASH!!
My cute nieces

Maddie's 2nd Dora Birthday!

So my baby just turned 2!!  It was an exciting day and also a very sad one for me realizing that she's officially a toddler and not a baby anymore:(  It has been a rough, but fun year watching her grow and become more independent.  She's a bit of a daredevil and still I can't look away for even a second.  She's always up to something:)  First I thought I'd start out with what she can do at two years old:
-She can communicate very well and let us know what she's thinking or what she needs (although I think only Geoffery, me, and Grant can understand what she's saying)
-She can say the whole alphabet by herself
-She can count to 10 very good
-She feeds herself
-She LOVES Dora and all things princess
-She's not so much into babies
-She's very active and is a big climber
-She not interested in the potty
-She's a really good eater and will eat just about anything I give her!  Finally I got a good eater!
-She plays really well with Grant
-She's REALLY loud and likes to yell when she talks- seriously it hurts my eardrums sometimes:)
-She pretty happy most of the time, although I can see the tantrums coming on really strong so we're definitely hitting the terrible two stage
-She still sleeps in her crib
-She takes a two hour nap in the afternoon
-She NEVER wakes up at night unless she's REALLY sick and even then its rare
-She's a mommas girl for sure
-She misses Grant if he's not around and constantly asks, "Where's Grant?"
-I do her hair mostly in pigtails because I'm too lazy to blow dry it and she HATES the blow dryer so it makes that even harder
-She LOVES to be outside and ride her tricycle
-She dances to any music anytime, it doesn't matter who's around or where we're at.  It's like the beat takes over her body.. SUPER cute!
-She is pretty obsessed with her papa
-She LOVES all her new dress up stuff and anything girly

So for the party we of course chose to do Dora because she's obsessed with the show.  She loved all the decorations and dora stuff being around the house.  We had a copy cat recipe of the Costa Vida pulled pork and it was DELICIOUS!  We did tacos with guacamole and all the toppings.  I think we all stuffed ourselves full of it!  Thanks mom for doing most of the food.  Then we opened presents and of course this was the favorite part.  I have to say she LOVED everything and reacted better than I could have ever hoped for.  She got 4 dress up dresses, shoes, crowns, jewelry, a dora doll, and lots of other accessories.  She put on all four dresses before the day was over and now we always have on a pair of shoes or a dress or jewelry on when were at home.  It's pretty fun to see her get into it.  Before now she didn't really like any of her baby dolls so I was pretty bummed out, but I guess dress ups are just her thing!  Her are some pictures of the party:

 She got a new barbie tricycle and LOVED it!  She was so excited when she saw it!

 Happy girl
 Grant just mastered no training wheels about two weeks ago, so here he is showing off his new talent to the grandparents!  We're so proud of him!

 Mom helped with with a lot of the party so thank you so much for all that you do for us!

On her actual birthday, which was on a Thursday, we decided to go to the splash park.  We meet a friend there and had a blast.  I wanted to go there because I went there exactly two years before that on the day that I had her.  I then went into labor like five hours after we left.  It was fun to go but I didn't get any pictures of the kids in the water because it's to hard to keep up with them and take pictures:)  So here we are at the playground right next to it.  For dinner that night we, went to Artic Circle so that Madelyn could play on their indoor playground area.  She LOVED that!  Then we went and got a cupcake at the Coco Bean.  Again another success!  We had a lot of fun!

 The Grantister

 She has to do it all by herself, no helping mom!
 Big Grin!

Best of friends!  They couldn't love each other anymore!  I only hope it stays that way when their teenagers:)