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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Drive In... CARS 2

We've been talking about Cars 2 ever since we saw the preview on the Tangled DVD.  Grant has not stopped talking about it and we promised him once it came out, that we would go and see it!  Well me and Geoffery being the cheap type, tried really hard to wait until it came to the dollar theater.  We almost gave in several times, and then we saw that it was at the Drive in and kids go for free!  Bingo there was our solution!  So we packed the kids up after their bed time and took them in the pj's fresh out of the tub.  We had a blast and the kids LOOOVED being outside while we watched the movie.  The only problem is Grant doesn't like to go to the real theater now that's he's been to a drive in.  Here are some pictures from that night:
 Of course we had to wear our cars pj's to go see Cars 2!  Very appropriate!
 LOOOTS of popcorn was consumed, along with some candy!
 Buzz was our special guest that night.  I dare say he had a better seat then me!

During the movie, I think Madelyn had a little too much sugar and popcorn.  She didn't stop moving the whole night!