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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swimming lessons!

Since Grant was born I've always wanted to do swimming lessons, and this year we were finally able to do it!  I was really afraid how he would act, because he's pretty scared of the water and he's pretty funny about leaving me and going with a complete stranger into the scary water.  I had two strikes against me, but I signed him up anyways.  Well I think, as a mom, when you think your kid can't handle it, they usually end up doing just fine.  And thank goodness that's how this was.  I expected the worse, and he did AWESOME!  I had a big talk with him about it before we went and when we got there he just went straight with his teacher and didn't look back.  Then he did anything that he teacher asked him to do...everything!  If you know Grant at all he can be a little on edge about trying new things so I was so proud of him to say the least.  Swimming lessons were two weeks, 30 min. each day and he looked forward to them each day.  I'll definitely be signing him and Madelyn up next year.  I took some pictures on the last day, of course, because I realized I hadn't taken any the entire two weeks!  AH, sometimes I have to make myself remember to take pictures of my kids!  But these were with my phone, so their not the best quality, but better some than none!

 Him and Maddie before we left
 We signed up with my sister and her two girls so it was fun to see them everyday!
 He was super nervous on the noodle, but at least he tried!

Him and his teacher.  Later that night he told us that his teacher told him that he kicked butt compared to the other kids.  I about died when it came out of his mouth!  Its so funny the things you say to kids before you actually have kids!  Oh well!