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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fall Family Pics

We took some pictures the day of Halloween, that Sunday, with the whole family...Parents, cousins, etc.  We also got some pictures of just us and the kids.  I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  Grant had a difficult time participating, but all in all the result was okay.  I'll post pictures of the whole fam-damily later.  Those take a while to edit and choose one where everyone is smiling, all eyes open, etc. etc.  And knowing my family my name is mud if its a "bad" picture of them.  So I'll work on that when I have the patience, but for now here some shots of my sweet little family.  I also LOOOOVE the stage Madelyn is in and I LOOVE the stage Grant is starting to get in.  He's almost out of the terrible two's and three's... although he still has his moments.  I have to find myself explaining everything we're about to do so that nothing is sprung on him and he's not taken off guard.  For example, these pictures.  I forgot to tell him what we were doing and then he just threw a fit.  Lesson learned!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know how sad that I'm updating you about Halloween and its in the middle of January?!!  What the???  Anyway, we are VERY behind on this blog and I've decided I'm going to update you slowly on all our happenings.  I'm going to update with something new EVERYDAY until I'm finally updated.  (How many times can you say the word "update"?)  So I decided to start with Halloween. 

This year my sister and her sweet family flew all the way from Georgia, or how we pronounce it JAR-JIA, to come and see us.  Tickets were much cheaper for Halloween than Thanksgiving, so I can't blame her.  It was a lot of fun to hang out and just to be around them.  I talk to her everyday on the phone, but we only get to see each other like once, maybe twice a year.  We all decided to do a Toy Story theme Halloween for the kids so that they could pretty much choose whatever they want to be.  Grant, of course, wanted to be Buzz Light Year and Madelyn was Evil Doctor Pork chop (not so much evil as cute though:).  We had a lot of fun and probably spent more time taking pictures of the kids than we did trick or treating, but that's okay.  Here are some pictures to prove we are still alive...

 Oh yeah, Geoffery and I have this one issue that we don't completely agree on since we first got married and that's Halloween.  I love Halloween almost as much as Christmas and Geoffery HATES Halloween.  It's always been one of those things that I'm trying to get him to like and he's always trying to get me to do away with.  However, this year he surprised me with dressing up as one of the 3 amigos!  I was completely shocked and taken back!!  I guess I finally won after 7 years of spending Halloweens together!  And yes those pants are as tight as you can get.  He couldn't even bend over!!  What husbands will do to please their wife!!  Thanks hun, I got a good laugh- and that's AT you, not WITH you:) JK...

 He truely thought he was the REAL buzzlight year!!

 Ohh scary T-REX...
 This is Barbie, not that you couldn't tell by that hair!
 Little Bo Peep and her sheep!
 Aren't these two babes the sweetest!
The whole gang together at last!