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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fall Family Pics

We took some pictures the day of Halloween, that Sunday, with the whole family...Parents, cousins, etc.  We also got some pictures of just us and the kids.  I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  Grant had a difficult time participating, but all in all the result was okay.  I'll post pictures of the whole fam-damily later.  Those take a while to edit and choose one where everyone is smiling, all eyes open, etc. etc.  And knowing my family my name is mud if its a "bad" picture of them.  So I'll work on that when I have the patience, but for now here some shots of my sweet little family.  I also LOOOOVE the stage Madelyn is in and I LOOVE the stage Grant is starting to get in.  He's almost out of the terrible two's and three's... although he still has his moments.  I have to find myself explaining everything we're about to do so that nothing is sprung on him and he's not taken off guard.  For example, these pictures.  I forgot to tell him what we were doing and then he just threw a fit.  Lesson learned!


Tori said...

Madelyn looks just like you it is crazy! Cute family Aud it's fun to check up on you guys!

Jeff and Shauna said...

Madelyn, is totally you! so cute. I love to see your cute fam. keep posting :)

Marshall Lynch said...

the little girl was really pretty.
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Cris said...

linda familia. visite o Brasil no meu blog

YouthCraft Pakistan said...

Nice and cute babies. Happy family

YouthCraft Pakistan said...

Nice and cute babies. Happy family


я said...

Ooo I'm soorry, beacaus I do not speak english very well, but I want to say, that your family is very friendly)
That's great;))

I wish you happiness!
Once again sorry for my english, I'm from Russia;))

Positive Thoughts said...

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Fernanda Rodrigues (Fê_Notável) said...

Your family is sooooooo beautiful! Congratulations!!! =)

suci said...

Wow.. very nice pict and i love the little girl.. she is so cute!

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