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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lots of POSTS!!

This is what I wish I was doing right now! Isn't she the sweetest! I finally posted Christmas and some other cool things. So make sure you scroll down!

Maddie's first rice cereal

So we feed Madelyn rice cereal for the first time on New Years day. She did pretty good if you consider good as half of it getting on her and me, but I think she did digest SOME of it, maybe:) I love having a baby, more than anything, I however don't like feeding babies. It requires ALL your time and effort and it takes most of the day and a LOT of clean up. Now I get to add to my schedule three times a day where I have to sit and feed her and that takes about 30-40 minutes (plus clean up). Before now having two kids was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. But now she rolls around the room (no more placing her on the floor and leaving her there), feeding her rice cereal, and she just needs more attention. It's the best thing I've ever done, but I'm definatly BUSY! Before I had some downtime here or there to do what I like, but now I'm on the go ALL the time! I just can't imagine having a third or throwing in school and activities! I'm sure that will be even more crazy than it is now!

Grant's Sledding Adventure!

Grant isn't the kind of kid that LOVES being outside. He's just content staying inside and he's completely fine. I LOVE being outside during the summer and playing in the babypool, jumping on the tramp, etc. He doesn't seem to impressed with those things. However, this winter he LOVES the snow! I was soo surprised because he doesn't like extreme temperatures, he likes things the same. But he really liked sledding this year and just being outside playing in the snow with his dumptrucks. He spent like 2 hours outside doing just that. He LOVED it. Just goes to show that our kids are ALWAYS surprising us!

Bed head and all...

Nothing like a toothy grin with bedhead and all to brighten your day!

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas at our house. My parents were able to come up and spend the day with us, which is always a lot of fun. We woke up that morning and Geoffery went to go see if Santa really did come while we waited upstairs- impatiently! Sure enough Santa did come and brought lots of toys with him! Grant ran downstairs as fast as he could and just stood there starring at all his new toys! We have a tradition in our family that Santa displays all the toys instead of wrapping them. So their already to be played with, with the batteries already in them and out of the box! Grant's big toy this year was a train table, so he got his wish! Madelyn's big toy was a jumperoo which she also loves!

So Geoffery and I always try to get each other nice things for Christmas. Geoffery starts asking early on what I got him hoping that I will somehow accidentaly tell him. Well this year I was sure that I got him something and he really hadn't guessed what it was. I had gotten him a blue ray player and he had guessed everything but this. I was really excited because in years past, I'll get him something and then right before he unwraps it, he guesses what it is! It really frustrates me- to my core! But I really thought I got him this year. So the week before Christmas he's asking me is it this??? or this??? or this??? Well I hope it's not a blue ray player because that would just be lame. When he said that I was soo mad at him and wouldn't talk to him the rest of the night. He felt pretty bad to say the least. I mean wouldn't any guy be excited for a blue ray player?! Come on, its a GREAT gift! So to say the least Geoffery didn't have anything to unwrap on Christmas day, thanks to his own curiosity! I ended up just giving it to him with the receipt attached.

On the other hand, people who don't pry get to be surprised on Christmas day. So he gave me perfume, running shoes (for Zumba), and a CD. Thanks hun, sorry your Christmas was ruined! Here's some pictures from the day!

Santa 2009

So I have a thing that I hate fake looking Santa's. The great mall of Idaho Falls always have the worst looking Santa's each year. Well we were there shopping and I saw the best looking Santa with a REAL beard. I was soo excited because I had planned a trip to Salt lake to see a good santa and I thought now I can stay here and see this one. So we went and found out what hours the "good" santa would be working so that we could come back and take the kids. So a couple of weeks go by and I got up and got the kids dressed in their Christmas outfits and drove all the way to Idaho Falls during the hours the "good" santa told us that he worked. Geoffery met us there during his lunch break. I was already tired from just trying to get out of the house with two kids. So we get over to the Santa and low and behold the ugly fake santa is the one working, not the "good" real looking santa. I was sooo disappointed, but too tired to really care at this point. So here are our pictures with the really fake ugly beard Santa:)

On another note, neither of my kids were afraid of him. Grant ran straight up to him by himself and jumped on his lap. He continued to tell him exactly what he wanted for Christmas. Which by the way, was a train and train tracks. He was very specific. He really wanted train tracks. Which cracks me up! He was soo much fun this year and really was understanding the whole Christmas experience! I LOVE seeing the Holidays through his eyes. It really makes things so much more magical. We also tried to make it about Jesus's Birthday so that he can start to understand the true meaning of Christmas!