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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 We had so much fun this Halloween.  My parents came up and we made enough food to feed an army.  Really...I'm not sure what my mom was thinking because we had so many leftovers, but it was DELICIOUS!  We had ourselves a little Mexican feast!  So we spent most of the day cooking, and then we made ourselves over to the trunk or treat at the ward building.  The kids loved that and that's where they got most of the candy!  It was pretty cold this Halloween, so we had to wear our coat over our costume.  Poor Madelyn kept saying, "cold" and then start shaking everywhere.  It's going to be a long winter for that poor girl!  Anyway, then the nice daddy's took them to some houses to get even more candy.  We really had a ton of fun all being together and answering the door after the kids got home.  We played Halloween music and really got into the spirit.  Maybe one of my favorite Halloween's ever!  Anyway, here are some pictures. 
 Some teeth I made for the playgroup on Friday.
 Yummy homemade carmel apples that I'm still saying prayers of graditude that they turned out!
 Maddie the fairy!
 She thought she was pretty fabulous.
 Geoffery even got into the halloween spirit (halloween is his least fav holiday) and decorated the car for the trunk or treat.  Yes, he did everything!  I was impressed!
 I think Grant was excited!  He kept asking all day, "is it time for Halloween yet?"  and he dragged his costume everywhere around the house.  I love this kid!

 All the cousins
 My sisters fam.  Her little Claire was sick at home with my mom:(

 Standing outside the front door.
 My mom's seven layer dip!  YUM!
These were little taco's and they were delish!

October Fun!

 For some Fall fun this year we went to a straw maze with my sister and her cute kids.  We had so much fun, but did start to get worried we would never be able to make it out.  We made it out in 35 min and they originally told us it would take 45.  So we did okay.  Grant was pretty scared and said he didn't have any fun, but I think Madelyn had a blast!  We'll definately do this every year!  Then one Saturday we went to Idaho Falls and went to the cutest pumpkin patch ever!  They had a train ride for the kids and we I think the kids were in heaven.  Most of these pictures are taken with my Iphone, so sorry the pics aren't that great quality!
 My cute nieces at the straw maze.

 Us in front of the pumpkin patch
 The kids getting ready for their train ride.
 Heres the engine that pulled the train.  Grant thought it was awesome!

 There was a little kid maze there also!