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Monday, October 4, 2010

Miss Madelyn

So I've been waiting on the day that I could put little pigtails in Madelyn's hair.  I was sooooooo EXCITED when I discovered her hair was long enough for pigtails.  How cute!!!!  I've done it like this almost everyday since I found out that I can do it.  For one it makes her hair look even, which it is VERY uneven all the way around.  Second, it stays pretty good all day, minus nap time.  And third its just plain cute.  I love her soo much and she has brought so much joy to our house.  She is walking everywhere and into everything, but she is so fun to just watch and see what she is doing.  I always wonder what their thinking up there at this age.  Seriously can you get any cuter?  I don't think soo. 

By the way, my new challenge to myself is to blog once a week.  I just feel like this time is getting away from me and this is our journal, so this is my only way to remember this time.  So wish me luck!