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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Madelyn Brooke Zellers- 7/7/09

Hey guys! We are finally back from the hospital and it has finally calmed down enough for me to have a free second to blog and write about our new little addition. Madelyn Brooke was born on July 7, 2009 at 10:26 at night. She weighed in at 6lbs 2ozs and 18 inches long! She is tiny, but VERY strong! She has a head full of black hair (which is always fun for the mom:). Now for our story...

I was 39 weeks when I went to the doctor on Monday. He said that I was dilated to a 4, almost a 5, and 80% effaced! I knew I could go at ANY second. However I had been at a 4 for TWO weeks and nothing was happening! So I was getting pretty impatient to say the least. So on Tuesday morning, I decided to take the good old Castor oil to see if I could get my contractions started. I took the Castor oil at 1pm. It made me pretty sick a couple of hours later, but it did its promised job because I started having regular contractions at about 6pm that night. They started out about 5-10 minutes apart so we knew we needed to get to the hospital QUICK. Geoffery was running around like a wild man freaking out and I kept saying that this isn't it. I was sick of false labor by this point. Well my mom and Geoffery knew better so we got to the hospital by about 7pm. They continued being about 5 minutes apart. Sure enough I was in labor this time.

After about 3 hours of laboring, little Madelyn was born. The doctor said he'd come back every hour or so to check on me and the next time he came in he was delivering me. Let's just hope the rest of my labors go that fast because it was wonderful! I was in labor for 17 hours with Grant and it was NOT fun!

We are doing well now adjusting to our new life. Today is my first day doing it on my own with both Grant and Madelyn. Grant is just in LOVE with his baby sister. He wants to hug and kiss her ALL the time. He had the best reaction I could ever hope for. I was really worried about how this would affect him, but he has loved every minute of it. So here are some pictures of our beautiful baby girl and us at the hospital.

Here I am at 38 weeks I believe (when I originally thought I would go any second:)

Proud brother!

The banner Abby put up when I came home from the hospital! (Thanks Abby!)