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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grant's first day of Preschool- 2011

So this is our last year of preschool before the real big kindergarten!  He was pretty excited for it until we walked in the room and who were all these "new" kids.  And they were starring at him (or so he thought) and he didn't want them to look at him.  So me and Madelyn sat with him for about twenty minutes or so until he felt comfortable.  After a while, he said, "mom you can leave now."  Funny kid!  He usually has to decide that things are okay and then he's totally fine.  I love this kid to death and can't believe next year I'll be sending him to the "big school"!
 For Grant's first day of preschool I made him his very own ice cream cone!  Just kidding!  It's bananas and peanut butter toast made to look like an ice cream cone.  I got the idea from pinterest and he loved it!  And it was super easy.  Don't worry I'm not that creative on my own. 
 These two crack me up everytime we eat breakfast!

Madelyn had to get in on the action, so we let her join her brother!

Grace's Baptism Day

I know that it's funny that I'm blogging about my nieces baptism day, but I am one proud aunt!  She is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady and I want her to know how happy I am of her.  Here are some pictures of her on her special day.  Also after the baptism we got to celebrate her and her sisters birthday.  Their birthdays are four days apart and they got a sweet rainbow themed birthday party that their momma threw them.  Here are some pictures of her special day:
 Grace and her proud parents (my sister).
 I couldn't resist snapping a picture of Madelyn in her leopard dress!  Of course she wouldn't look at the camera so this is the best I got.
 The three girl cousins.  Grant refused to stand in:(
 Eaton Family Pic.
 Our whole family (well that could make it)
 Ella's very own cake!
 Grace and her cake.
 She even make rainbow cupcakes with a lollipop!  Grant was more than thrilled!

 Abby is an amazing baker.  Here is her rainbow masterpiece!
This is the picture I took a couple of days before the baptism of Grace.  I think she looks all grown up!

Jackson Hole

We decided to take a day trip over to Jackson Hole one Saturday and walk around the square and do some serious window shopping.  Thats what Jackson does best for is to just look seeing as one picture is $2000!  We have our favorite shops we like to go in and then at the end we always visit the candy store so that Grant can pick out all his favorite candy.  Its always a lot of fun and the kids like to see all the statues of the wild animals.  Below Grant wouldn't sit by himself so I had to get in the picture with him. I think he thought the tiger might actually be real and was kind of afraid of it.  I love seeing things through his eyes!  Anyway, after that we stopped at a small fishing hole that was made for kids to fish at.  So basically your bound to catch something, however we still didn't have any luck!  But it was Grants first fishing experience and he got to use his CARS fishing rod which pleased him to no end.  Here are some pictures of our trip.

 The kids even got to ride on a "real" moose!

 Maddie wanted in on the father/son time. 

It was interesting trying to keep her contained during all the fishing that was going on.

Summer Recap...

 This summer we had a ton of fun doing lots of activites outside.  We played in the backyard in the baby pool, had a lemonade stand, went to the city pool 6-7 times, went to free lunch at the park (about three times a week), played with friends name it we did it.  I wanted to take full advantage of the warm weather since it only lasts about three months here in FREEZING Idaho.  Anyway, we had a ton of fun and here are some pictures to document our summer:

 My sweet mom and dad bought us this playhouse for the kids for their birthdays and Christmas this year!  We were sooo excited and it really keep the kids occupied this summer.  Thanks to Geoffery, Will, and my dad for putting it together!

 Us on the way to the pool.  I didn't take my camera to the pool because of all the water everywhere.  Everything usually got soaking wet at the pool.  And it was hard enough to keep my eye on the kids that I didn't want to worry about taking pictures the whole time!
 Also we had some friends over the other day to play in the pool one last time before summer was officially over and we had a blast!  These kids are soo funny to watch.  We get together a lot and ride bikes or go to free lunch and so the kids have gotten to all be real good friends.  We just love this group and has made summer so much more fun going with friends to activities!  Also literally the next week it snowed!  Gotta love Idaho!