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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleep Deprieved and lovin it...

Okay so I know its been FOREVER since I last blogged and I have a reason for it. Well it's not really a good excuse, but at least I'm being honest. I've been, well how do you say it... TIRED. I guess I've forgotten, but man being pregnant sucks all the energy out of you, literally. I even have to take naps during the day and I'm NOT a nap person. But with that being said, I've also forgotten how having a newborn and waking up every 1, 2, or 3 hours makes you, well... EXTREMELY TIRED.

So my sister emailed me this picture of me at Grants baby blessing. It was taken of me almost two years ago and I had NO IDEA someone was taking a picture of me. Abby laughed soo hard she had to send it to me and when I saw it I laughed just as hard and then I wanted to cry because I remember how I felt that day. It was probably one of the most stressful days I can remember for a number of reasons. One, being it was the first time I have ever "hosted" a get together at my house with food, guests, decor, etc. Second, family and friends were in town and staying at our house which requires hosting and being "nice." Third, I was sleeping an average of 4 hours a night. And fourth, it was an emotional day filled with 9am church, a beautiful blessing, and a newborn being contaminated going to a church full of sick people (or though that's how I pictured it then:).

Anyway this picture contains all of that emotion that I was feeling on that day. It makes me laugh. It makes me realize not only how much Grant has grown and developed into this wonderful toddler, but also how much I have grown as a person. I have changed from a scared new mom to be, to a (little) more confident mom and person. I was soo nervous I wasn't doing everything "right" and I knew I was doing something "wrong." Wow it's amazing how children change us sooo quickly. I can't imagine my life without Grant. He has taught me sooo much. So now enjoy this very embarrassing picture and don't judge me too harshly:)