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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trip to GA...

Me and Grant on the beach in Jekyll
Grant trying out the sand
He's not so sure
This isn't so bad after all
Me and Grant on the airplane
Geoffery and I on Halloween on the beach
Grant getting his bottle on the beach
Hanging out under his tent, while I lied out! Playing like a good boy!
Me being a dork
Behind us is my uncle's boat that we rode on

Bad lighting, but look at Grant's smile! So cute!
Me and Grant on Halloween. He was a lion.
Don't look at Grant's face, but look at the sunset that night!
Mr. Smiley
My sisters and their kids on Halloween

We just returned from a long trip to the great state of Georgia. We went for two reasons 1) To go to the beach 2) See family and friends and have Geoffery see where I grew up. There was also a wedding, so it was enough reason for us to make the trip. We were gone for 10 days and it went by way to fast. We flew into Atlanta on Saturday, hung out with the fam Sunday, then drove to Hilton Head, SC (the beach) Sunday night (4 hr drive). My family went with us, my 2 sisters and their husbands and kids, and my parents. So we had a huge crew. We spent 4 days in Hilton Head. It was very pleasant and warm (not hot), but we were able to lay on the beach in our bathing suits and get some sun at least one day out of our stay. I even got in a heated pool, so I was happy because all I wanted was to swim in a pool (I was only in for about 10 min. before Grant pooped, but I got in the pool non the less). Anyways, after Hilton Head we drove to Jekyll Island (3 hr drive) for the wedding. There we stay in a VERY old hotel on the island. There aren't any new buildings on the island and EVERYTHING is outrageously priced, but still not very nice. So I sprayed the entire hotel room with Lysol before I would let Grant out of my arms. It was across the street from the ocean, so it wasn't too bad. The wedding was very laveous and beautiful. We didn't have too much downtime as all my extended family was there and we were always doing something with them. Finally on Sunday after the wedding we decided to take a stroll on the beach before we headed back for Atlanta. That was probably my favorite day because we didn't have anything we had to do and we could take our time with enjoying the beach. Then we headed for Atlanta (5 hr drive) and stayed the night with my grandparents. It was so good to have Geoffery finally see where I grew up. I grew up on a 350 acre farm with my grandparents next door and I've always wanted to show him what it looked like in person. I can only describe so much. It was a great vacation, but let me tell you I was sooooooooo excited to be home! There's nothing better than coming home after being gone for so long. So here are some pictures from the trip. I have others that Abby (my sis) took for me, and I will post those later. Enjoy!


Brad & Jessica said...

I wish I could have seen you! I am glad you made update to the blog! You are so beautiful!

Rebecca and Jason said...

love the update. i must say you look amazing in the halloween pictures orange must be a good color on you.

Andi said...

Aud! Cutest pics ever! I couldn't help but think about OUR little trip to GA back in the day. So much fun. Your little guy is just so adorable. You look so great. Hope all is well!

Mikey said...

Lie.......not, lay on the beach.
Chickens lay eggs.....people lie on the beach.