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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Madelyn 18mths...

I took some pictures of Madelyn when she turned 18 months.  They didn't turn out as good as I was hoping, but I did get two or three good ones.  Seriously, this age is VERY difficult to get a good picture and its something I struggling with.  In fact, this is just a difficult age in general.  Every second I feel like the girl is going to do something to get herself seriously injured.  I can't close my eyes even for a second.  And the thing with her that makes her sooo difficult is that she is an amazing climber.  She may look small, but she is STRONG.  The other day I was in the kitchen looking at the computer with her RIGHT there and I turned away for two seconds and turned back around to her STANDING on our island!  I had no idea that she could even climb on a bar stool, but ever since that day I have to put the bar stools up so that she doesn't try to get on top of EVERYTHING!  I'm really having a hard time with this stage because of that and it makes me not want to get a babysitter, because she is always surprising me with her new tricks!  AH!  It's really crazy!  But on the other hand, she becoming more vocal which is fun and more interactive.  I remember feeling this way with Grant and in fact I even wrote a post about it.  The funny part is Grant is finally leaving the whole tantrum stage as he just turned 4 (pics coming soon I PROMISE), only for Madelyn to be entering it full force.  Motherhood definitely doesn't give you much of a break.  But that's okay, that's exactly what I signed up for, so I guess I'll take it the rest of their lives!  Anyway, I'm done rambling.  Here are some pictures of my sweet babe...
 Totally her personality!
 I PROMISE I didn't edit the eyes... TOTALLY natural!

 This is what she does 50% of the time...always sucking the thumb.  Is it bad that I think it's cute?
 She lives in this necklace!
I seriously could eat her face off!  I love this girl!