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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

So Christmas was also spent at home this year.  Pretty laid back and spend most of the time with family.  Grant had a Christmas program with his preschool class and there aren't very many pictures because he refused to get up in front of everyone and sing with his classmates (he was the only kid out of 20 that flat out refused...what do you do? nothing:)  Anyway, we did get a picture with Santa though as he came to visit and brought each kid a gift from him.  Here is also proof that Madelyn didn't freak out this time around sitting on Santa's lap.  In fact, I couldn't keep her away from him or the other kids.  I think she figured she was also in preschool.  I think she would have taken Grants place on stage proudly without even thinking about it.  Its so funny how different kids personalities can be.  Here are some pictures of our Christmas...LAST year:)

 Making a gingerbread house.  Grant really got into it...and so did I!

 The final product.... I was pretty proud!
 Christmas Eve at our house with Geoffery's family.  We decided to do appetizers and it was delicious if I do say so myself!
 Table set!
 Grant and his uncle Will, Geoffery's brother.  He also moved into our house with us in February.  Geoffery's parents moved back to Indiana:( and Will wanted to finish out high school here, so he stayed with us!  We're excited to have him in our home and the kids adore him as you can tell!
 Me and Ashley, Geoffery's sister!
 Sweet Madelyn, its impossible to get a picture of her so I have to take what I can get:)
 Santa came!
 The aftermath!
Grant and Madelyn, and the ONLY picture I could get with the two of them!  And this is the best one out of like 100!  I wanted to get them in their matching PJ's!