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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back in the blogging game!

So I'm really back.... No I promise I will be better!  I've finally caught you guys up to present time.. just scroll down, its there really.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, the whole thing!  Now I can move forward with the present!  So please come back (all 2 readers!)  I promise I will be here! 
My two sweet babes in October at the pumpkin patch.


studynsew said...

You have such a sweet family :) what a suprise i got when i saw your blog on my feed! i can't wait to hear more from you

Andi said...

Aud!!! I am so happy! Thanks for the update! I can't believe how old your kids look. They are so so cute. Madelyn reminds me so much of Autumn, it's crazy. I love that pic of them in their pj's christmas morn. And Grant is 4?! What????! Seriously I am so happy that you posted.
PS- it looks like we have the exact same kids table and chairs :)
PPS-when are you coming to visit? we should come visit you again soon a?

Meagan Cooper said...

Audrey, I love all the new pictures, Your christmas and thanksgiving table both looked amazing. Hope Rexburg is warming up for you guys! We are sitting by the pool and are NOT missing the snow back at home!

Anonymous said...

Finally an update!! :) miss you aud.

Mills Family said...

Wahoo...glad you are back!

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