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Saturday, July 5, 2008

We LOVE baby pools!!

Lately the thing to do at Nana's house is to set up the baby pool and let Tyler and Grant play. Crystal and Jake are currently living at Nana's and we're across the street renting a house, so we get to see them almost everyday. At first, in my previous posts, Grant did not like pools. But after a while, and seeing Tyler having so much fun, he decided he didn't think it was too bad. In fact, I think he likes it better than Tyler. We put the slide in the pool for the boys to go down, we set up their matching lawn chairs (thanks to Nana), and we gave them fudge pops (which this was Grant's first experience). Grant had a blast as you can see in the pictures. He follows Tyler around the pool and the backyard and does EVERYTHING Tyler does. He LOVED the fudge pop, and you can see that Tyler had a lot of fun with it too. Luckily they were just in their swimmer diapers and clean up was REALLY easy. The boys are only 6 months apart so I'm sure they'll grow up more like brothers than cousins. Something else they do that cracks me up is they like to switch everything with each other. Sippy cups, gold fish, lawn chairs, toys, everything. Whatever the other one has must be better than the others. Its really fun to see them interact together.
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Tori said...

I especially love the popsicle picture...I love baby pools too...and I don't even have kids yet, does that make me a loone or what?

P.S. Congrats on the hole! Can't wait to see the progress of your home!