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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Playing in the dirt...

Wow! What's this?
Yum! Dirts pretty good!
Mr. Smiley!
What a STUD!!

While we were checking out the progress of our house, I took some pictures of Grant in his 4th of July outfit. We went up to the house after the parade. I think I got some pretty cool shots of him. I just LOVE the last picture. To me, he looks like a little GAP model! I just love that little boy!
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Megan and Adam Rogers said...

He is soo big now! I can't believe it! Still dang cute!

Cali said...

He is SOOOO cute! Love the pictures.. good work! And.. I'm jealous you are getting a house! Wahoo!

El-dawg said...

Oh my heck! I'm sooo glad that you commented. I've been wondering about you guys and Megs never told me anything. What a cutie! Claire is 2 weeks shy of 18 months and I'm kind of sad cause she's my little buddy and now she's going to nursery. Time sure does fly. I'm going to add you to my thing so that we can keep in touch. Let me know whats going on. And of course, you look super cute!

Katie said...

Audrey, he looks just like Scott! Looks like you guys are doing great :) ~Katie Fitzpatrick

The Shumway Family said...

I agree he could be a GAP model!!! And I still think we need to go ahead and plan Grant and Lacey's wedding. Seriously!!