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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Geoffery's Graduation Ceremony...

So Geoffery walked last Friday for his graduation. It was a good ceremony with President Clark (the president of BYU-I) and Sister Beck talking. They both gave great uplifting talks and it was cool to hear from both of them. Grant did really good. He kept himself busy climbing the benchs where we were sitting and I kept giving him HoneyCombs which is now his new found favorite treat. Afterwards, we went up to take some pictures. It was really windy, so don't look at my hair! Then after that we went to eat at Applebees. It was WAY past Grant's bedtime, but he was an angel at dinner and didn't freak out until we got in the car to go home at 10:30! So he was really tired, but he did really well. So there is the update that I promised. We're having a little graduation party this weekend for Geoffery. Congrats hun! I Love you!
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