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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finally there is a Hole!!!

After 6, yes 6, months of planning we finally have had our hole dugged for our house! Above is the layout of our house. It doesn't look like much now, but one day there will be a house! I'm soo happy that we've finally started this week. Next week, they'll pour our basement and it will finally start looking more like a home. They are telling us that it will be done in 4-6 months and I'm thinking, or rather preparing, that it will take the full 6 months to build. We are currently renting a house that an old couple owns and they're on a mission right now for our church. But we just found out that they are coming home early! They will be home Sept. 17th so we've got to find a place to live for 2-3 months. We have the option of moving back in with Geoffery's parents or renting an apartment. So we're just trying to figure things out right now.

It's been so nice to live in this house. It's fully furnished so all we have here is our clothes, towels, and Grants toys. Everything else is theirs! Our stuff is in a storage unit right now so I don't even know where more than half of the stuff we own is. To tell you the truth it's been nice because I spend a lot less time cleaning up as I did when we lived in Idaho Falls. It's definately a Grandma house with Grandma decor, but it has a nice yard for Grant to play in. Anyway, that's what's going on in our lives right now. So I may be a little busy the next couple of months, but I promise I will try to blog every once in a while with updates!
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