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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Madelyn and the famous glare...

This was sweet Madelyn on Sunday before church.  I couldn't resist to take a couple of pictures of her while we were running out the door.  She just looked too cute!  I got some pictures of her smiling, but my stupid camera wouldn't focus and they're all super blurry.  After I realized that none of them turned out, she was done with the photo shoot, but I still couldn't resist to take some pictures of her.  I was able to capture her attitude.  She can give the look of death when she wants to and it seriously cracks me up!  I'm sure I won't like it too much when she's 16, but for now I just laugh.  This is the face we see multiple times a day:

 I love her ruby red lips in this picture even though its a bit blurry! 
 She may be approaching toddler hood, but I still consider her a baby.  She's my baby anyway!
This is what I captured today after I dropped Grant off at preschool.  The famous GLARE!  She's always sucking her thumb and she always falls asleep in the car because she's bored.  It makes afternoon naps nearly impossible, so I try not to be in the car too long or the rest of the day will be ruined!


Andi said...

Ha ha haha Aud I bought Autumn that same skirt! I love it. Madelyn looks so adorable. And that is the cutest glare I've ever seen.

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

I miss you and these pictures are adorable. I just found you through it.

You're right, especially with a glare Madelyn is so feisty and those red pout lips, classic and free!

Jacob and Krista Flamm said...

She is way too cute! Love your blog btw! ;)

E.S. said...

ooh! Nice blog!!

Leonie and Alice said...

Love your blog and the stare! :)

Jon and Nicole Palmer said...

Audrey! I got your blog from Meg's page. All your pics are sooo cute! I love Madelyn's pouty lips, she is so darling!!

Iva. said...

she is cute!! *____* beautiful pictures.. <333 ---> my blog. <3

Maily♥ said...

such a cute lady :)

Aaron said...

What a sweet girl. When she grow up will definitely be gorgeous. Also, very informed about the new technology ( Iphone ).

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Anonymous said...

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