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Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't know about you guys, but pillows are my very favorite thing to buy for a room.  It completely sets the tone- formal, fun, classic, bright, or neutral.  You can have a so, so couch and as soon as you put pillows on it, it can completely change the room.  Soooo I have been looking everywhere for new pillows for my living room.  I want something classic and somewhat formal (since we don't use it all that much).  I've searched all my favorite stores- Potterybarn, Crate&Barrel, etc. and I've found... nothing.  Nothing that says me.  So I decided to check out etsy.  And you know what, I have found so much out there and for pretty good prices.  I can't sew- AT ALL and why not take advantage of people who can!!  Yeah for etsy!!!  Anyway here are some of my favorite pillows/shops that I found at etsy.

I love the No.7 on this.  I've seen a lot of numbers lately in designing rooms and I LIKE IT! A LOT!  This seller has a WHOLE bunch of different prints that she can put on pillows just like the one shown.  So if your not feeling the whole number thing, you can choose anything you want. 
I also loved this pillow!!!  I've seen this print on a number of different design blogs and I LOVE IT!  Its a little more expensive because supposedly its the real deal designer fabric (have no idea what that means), but its still cheaper than a lot of pillows that I've been looking at lately.  I loved this pillow in brown, but it comes in a number of different colors.  Also this particular seller will work with you to coordinate more pillows with you.  And from the looks of her shop, I trust her style.  Her other, non-designer fabrics, are just as pretty and MUCH more reasonable (around the $20 range).  Anyway, go look at etsy and see what you like because sometimes I forget to look there for things to design my house.  There's a LOT of talent out there!


Andi said...

So cute! Love etsy. I love your house decorating posts. One of these days you and I need to take a little trip down to the black goose.

Meagan Cooper said...

hey, I am glad I found your blog! Etsy is the best, I agree. I am adding you as a blog friend. My blog is!