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Friday, October 17, 2008

November 4th...The Most Important Day of the Year!!!

This is Geoffery, Audrey's husband.....this is my first blogging experience but i feel this is very important. My family can agree that i am not one to take thing seriously that i dont feel i can control, but i have had enough this year with politics. It seems that everywhere we turn the same "talking points" are being played over and over again......but they are not repeats...this is what our candidates are saying everywhere they turn.

For me and my family, i want to hear how our Economy will be fixed and how in the world we got in the situation we are currently in. I believe that we learn from our mistakes, and it is necessary for The United States of America to know what and who caused this economic problem.

I am not a fan of sharing my feelings to anyone.............but this is our future and possibly our children's future riding on this presidential election. This video is not short, and is really "rapid fire".

The democratic candidate, Mr. Obama, said to "Joe the Plumber" that we need to "spread the wealth". Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how we got into this mess to begin with. Please think about the choices and dont vote on hype, and charisma.


Scott and Abby said...

Thank you Geoffery! I think you should start a blog. ;) I would read!! Love you!

Scott, Andi and Jack said...

Sup Geoffrey. Do you know what's funny? As I was reading your post, my husband was over in the corner venting his frustrations about this election via blogging.
Anyway, thanks for the post.

Megan said...

Love it! Love the fact that it's to the point and factual!

Rebecca and Jason said...

Once again, I know our husbands would be fast friends!!