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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playgroup with cousins!

Since the weather has been soo nice, my sister and I decided it would be fun to do a weekly playgroup. Life gets sooo busy and even though Abby lives only 15 minutes away, we barely ever see each other. This last week we decided to get the baby pool out and put Grant and Grace in it. Grace LOVED it, but Grant was scared of Grace playing and splashing everywhere. Then we put them in Grace's barbie jeep and they drove around for like 10 minutes. It was funny because Grant looked like he was going to fall asleep while they were driving. Then mom and Grace played hop-scotch. Overall we had a GREAT time and Grant was exhausted and went right to sleep when we got home. We also made a disaster of Abby's house with all the toys and everything. So thanks Abby for letting us come over and have fun!
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Chixon said...

I can't believe how BLUE Grant's eyes are! What a handsome boy. Your photography skills are getting better and better! I really like the playgroup photos.
We still haven't seen your brother in Singa yet.

Jessica Milkwick said...

Wish Yall lived in Georgia, so we could have a play date!

Amber said...

Hey Aud! I love seeing all the pictures of your beautiful little boy! Thanks for finding my blog :) We definitely need to stay in touch!

Rebecca and Jason said...

where have you gone?!?!?!
update us with your fab life.