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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I {heart} NY

We decided to take a little trip to NY to go visit my wee little brother because he and his wife are living there for the summer.  Its a free place to stay and that saved us about half the budget right there!  Anyway, we have been gearing up for this trip all summer.  It was our first away from the kids since WAY before I had Madelyn, so it was looong over due.  There are a couple of things that I think sum up (MY VIEW) of NY:

1.  Hot and humid
2.  EXTREMELY dirty!!
3.  Expensive strollers
4.  LOOOTTTTSSS of walking
5.  Everything is overpriced
6.  The city NEVER sleeps (I thought that was just a saying, now I know its true:)
7.  Subways suck! (I felt like a rat going into its hole)
8.  Big cities would only be fun to live in BEFORE having kids
9.  People are more materialistic (well I'm comparing it to Idaho;)
10.  Celebs are everywhere
11.  Good food
12.  If there's anything interesting in the city, its crowded with HUGE lines
13.  Street performers are pretty entertaining
14.  It's too high paced for my taste
15.  I wouldn't know where you would buy a suitcase- No wal-mart, TJ Maxx, I wouldn't survive
16.  Corner markets instead of grocery stores= EXPENSIVE FOOD!
17.  Broadway shows are really the best and worth the money

All and all, I'm super glad we went.  Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law who took us everywhere we demanded her and let us boss her around.  She was a wonderful hostess and seriously we couldn't have figured out the subways without her.  We just followed her EVERYWHERE!  Anyway, we took LOTS of pictures so here are some of my favorites. 

G- Man in front of his building (he would work 90 plus hour some weeks!)
Central Park plus NY skyline on top of the MET museum building
   Our seats were soooo close to the field... you felt like you were playing with them!
Just Kidding!   We were 4 seats down from the TIP TOP!