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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ABC Husband Tag

Husband ABC's

A-ATV of choice? I have no idea what this means:)
B-Born on? 2/25/1981
C-Cookies or Candy? Cookies
D-Date of Choice when you go out? Dinner and a movie at the theater
E-Essential Item? Cell Phone
F-Favorite Foods? Chicken Alfredo
G-Gas or Diesel vehicle? Gas
H-Hobbies? Playing golf and throwing a baseball
I-Ice Cream Flavor? Plain Chocolate
J-Job? Life Insurance Agent
K-Kids? 1- 13mth old boy
L-Last Vacation as a couple? We're about to go to FL in ONE WEEK for our anniversary (Grant will stay with my mom and dad!)
M-Morning person or night owl? Morning
N-Number of Siblings? 3 sisters, 1 brother
O-OCD or sloppy? a little sloppy (sorry hun, but it's true:)
P-Pet Peeves? chewing food with your mouth open (I know by experience:)
Q-Quiet or Loud? He is pretty quiet around the house, but socially he is probably a little loud
R-Restaurant? If it were up to him we would go to a Chinese buffet every weekend, thank goodness it's not up to him:)
S-Sports? Baseball and March Madness
T-Tight wad or spender? If he's feeling good about money he's a spender. If he feels nervous about money he's definitely a tight wad
U-Unknown Fact about him? When he was in high school the USA today named him one of the most likely to be drafted into the major leagues for an center outfielder in Indiana.
V-Vegetables? Tomatoes and cucumbers
W-Worst Habit? being lazy when it comes to school
X-Xtra Curricular activities in high school? Baseball and some basketball
Y-Your favorite things about him? He is EXTREMELY thoughtful and always is thinking about us and what we need. He is a really good dad and he always helps around the house. He always makes anniversaries, birthdays, or any other holidays really special and always surprises me with something sweet.
Z-Zodiac Sign? Pisces

I tag... let's see: Rebecca, Rachel, Shauna, Andi, Ashley, all Megan's and anyone else who wants to do it!


Anonymous said...

i think she forgot one thing....that i am a hunk a hunk of burning love....quite good lookin' i'll remind her of that........Geoffery (Her Husband)

Anonymous said...

my favorite thing about my wife is that she is always doing cool things like this to make me feel good, she takes great care of Grant and makes sure that he has everything he needs, supports me in my career, watches baseball with me eventhough she would rather watch "Fraiser", A GREAT COOK!, and really enjoys the time that we spend together. She is the perfect wife and mom. Thanks hun for all that you do..............Your Husband.

Ashley Lefrandt said...


hey this is Jon. Rachel just gave me the link to your blog! Fun! Now we can catch up via the blogosphere! Looks like things are going great for you!

Jon Lefrandt (BYU Idaho days...)

Jessie said...

Well, well, well, look who I found through Jim and Alicia's blog!

What's up, you two??