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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Geoffery's Birthday...

It was Geoffery's birthday on Monday, but we celebrated it on Sunday with the family. I made him this cake (I got the recipe from my sister Abby who got it from We had a lot of fun and the cake was delicious if I do say so myself. He turned 27 yrs old and I think this was a hard birthday for him. He feels closer and closer to 30 every year! I tell him that I'll still be young and in my 20's when he's 30. That's what you get when you marry older. But I really am proud of him for the person he has become. This is our 6th birthday we have spent with each other. I can't believe time passes so quickly. We got him a Nikon 40X camera for his birthday. So all these pictures were taken with that. We will hopefully become better at taking pictures as time goes on. We're still in the learning process. Thank you honey for all that you do for us! We love you! Happy birthday! Birthday Boy!

Isn't this cute! Grant loves his cousin Tyler!
Aunt Sarah, Aunt Crystal, and Nana with Grant