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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday night out on the town...

Since Thanksgiving we have had a CONSTANT snowfall. There's probably 2-3 ft of snow outside with temperatures ranging from the teens to the single digits. So what does this mean to me 1: We won't be in a drought this summer (yeah!) and 2: I'm stuck in the house ALL day long (Booo). So I'm excited for the snow because we really need it, but I'm not going to try to go shopping and take a baby in it. Trying to walk outside is like trying to ice skate in high heel boots and the ice usually wins especially holding a 20lb baby. So I've decided to not fight with the snow, just stay inside. Well this plan worked for a while until I'm soooo sick at looking the the four walls in our house that I'm about to insane.

So tonight I told Geoffery we are going out! I want to go to a restaurant and I want to go shopping. Of course I get to hear how we need to save money because we're building a house and how he is never home and just wants to hang out. So I told him if he wants a sane wife he better take me outside our house. A girl needs a night out once in a while:) Anyway, here are some pictures before we went out. I actually was able to get ready and wear "real" clothes. Crawling like crazy (especially away from mom)
What a stud:)
Me and my man all dressed up


Rebecca and Jason said...

grant is such a stud!

The Shumway Family said...

I am making plans now for little Lacey and Grant's wedding! He is so dang cute!!! I love these pics of him. So in like 23 years the Shipps and the Christians will FINALLY be related.

Tori said...

Cute & fun adventures!!

**Give me your e-mail address and I will e-mail you the instructions on the blog thing... (but your blog is already cute enough!!)

Andi said...

I love his little puffy vest. You dress him so cute. I'll bet you have your hands full with him crawling all over the place!!